12 Unfamiliar and Amazing Places In Mexico (And Not The Ones You Always Hear About)

Puerto Vallarta,Mexico

With all the media and news coverage on Mexico’s tourist spots, it’s so easy to get overexposed to these popular destinations. This article aims to show unfamiliar, but amazing places in Mexico that people never talk about but should visit in order to take in the side of Mexico that the rest of the world […]

16 Must-See Temples In Bagan, Myanmar That You Cannot Afford To Miss

Khay Min Gha Temple,temples in bagan

Many travelers who visit Myanmar pit Bagan against Siem Reap, in Cambodia. Both Temples are UNESCO World Heritage Sites and both offer many temples to explore on foot, bicycle, or horse cart. This article lists 16 must-see temples in Bagan that you cannot afford to miss! 1. Ananda Temple The Ananda Temple is one of […]

9 Photogenic Places In Southeast Asia To Snap The Perfect Travel Photos

Gate to Heave, Indonesia,photogenic places

If you’ve been planning this Southeast Asia trip for a while now, then you might have already checked out a few guidebooks and done research on destinations. But if your holiday is still a while away, and all you know is that you want it to be as picture-perfect as possible, then here are some […]

14 Culinary Delights From Greece You Must Try When Traveling

Kakavia,Culinary Delights From Greece

Greece has been a major influencer in the cuisine world ever since its cuisine arrived on the scene. With their key ingredients of olives, cheese, lamb, and tomato they have some true culinary delights just waiting to be found in any corner of Greece. 1. Gyros Gyros are a traditional Greek dish that is made […]

7 Most Delicious Halal Food You Can’t Miss Out

Biryani, most delicious halal food

Halal Food isn’t for everyone because of their dietary restriction. but these 7 most delicious halal foods are loved by both Islamic and non-Islamic eaters alike. Benefits of eating Halal Food Halal food is quickly becoming a popular culinary option all over the world, but it’s especially popular in the Muslim world. There are plenty […]

8 Can’t Miss Places to visit in Chiang Mai, Thailand,The Advanced Guide

Doi Suthep National Park,Chiang Mai

Chiang Mai is the perfect holiday destination! There are so many things to do and see in this city that you’ll never want to leave. However, with 365 interesting places to visit in Chiang Mai, it can be hard to know what to explore first. So we decided to put together a list of our […]

Top 14 Things To Do in Pattaya You Don’t Want to Miss Out for Your Next Trip

ancient temples,Pattaya

Pattaya is an amazing place, a tropical beach town with beautiful landscapes and beaches full of coral reefs. But what do you actually do there? There’s plenty to see! If you are planning to visit Pattaya for your next beach vacation, read this article for some information about the top 14 things to do in […]

9 Best Yoga Holiday Destinations All In One Guide

India,yoga destinations

Yoga is a time-tested and beneficial form of exercise; stretches your body, calms your mind, and connects to the soul. Yoga contributes to a healthy lifestyle as it provides exercises that improve physical health like carrying less weight, improving muscle strength and flexibility, fighting diseases, and boosting energy levels. As you make your yoga holiday […]

15 Bizarre, Unusual Towns In Greece,You Don’t Want To Miss

Aetolia Pontica unusual places in greece

It can take time and effort to plan your holiday – from selecting the destination, finding accommodations, then crossing every item off your list. This article takes a fun look at 15 unusual towns in Greece that you’ve likely never heard of before and is an overview of where you can easily go for a […]

20 Unfamiliar Turkish Foods You Absolutely Need To Try

Kavurma, Turkish food

Turkish food is so much more than just the hummus and pita wraps you pick up from your neighborhood kabob spot! Cultural regions across Turkey are famous for their unique cooking techniques, spices, and dishes that cannot be found elsewhere. In this article, find out about 20 foods that you absolutely need to try while […]